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Panel 1 - Christian Reading, in Room 1.06

Panel 2 - Negotiating the Terms of Hospitality, in the Gallery

Panel 3 - Form as Faith: Doing Religion in Poetry, in Room G.04

Panel 4 - Literature in the Long Nineteenth Century, in Room G.07

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Panel 5 – Alternate Readings, in the Gallery

Panel 6 – Eucharistic Language, in room 1.06

Panel 7 – Constructing Truth, in room G.04

Panel 8 – Eighteenth-Century Literature, in room G.07

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Panel 9 – The Politics of Religion and Literature, in the Gallery

Panel 10 – Early Modern Transformations, in room G.07

Panel 11 – Closure and Openness, in room G.04

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Panel 12 – Religion and the Secular, in the Gallery

Panel 13 – Poetry, in the Law Courtroom

Panel 14 – Twentieth and Twenty-First Century American Literature, in room 1.06

Panel 15 – Stories of Liberation, in room G.07

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Panel 16 – Religious Pluralism, in the Gallery

Panel 17 – Mid-Nineteenth-Century Fiction, in room 1.06

Panel 18 – Milton, in room G.07

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