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The Hospitable Text:
New Approaches to Religion & Literature

Recent years have seen a resurgence of interest in the relationship between religion and literature, with the broader critical turn to religion in the arts and humanities helping invigorate an interdisciplinary field that has been well served through the work of journals such as Christianity and Literature, Religion and Literature and Literature and Theology. Recognising the importance of talking further about our different approaches to the field, this conference will bring together a wide variety of scholars in order to enable and enrich contemporary explorations of religion and literature.

Contemporary theorists and theologians have paid considerable attention recently to the idea of hospitality, recognising, among other things, the value of actively hosting viewpoints different from our own rather than merely tolerating their presence. With this in mind, the theme of our conference is The Hospitable Text.

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The Hospitable Text conferece is fully subscribed. Registration is open ONLY to participants.

Registration costs (excluding meals and accomodation) are $110 (regular) and $60 (concession, for students, unwaged, adjuncts, and independent scholars).To register click here »